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Consensus Protocol

Full Time, 1500 - 3k USD monthly Remote
Senior Developer (over 5 years of working experience) Computer Software


We are looking for a senior GO developer with an exceptional ability that is willing to join our efforts in changing the underlying paradigm of decentralized ledger technology.

Humanode is a novel blockless type of DLT. It is based on Epoch-CRDT consensus. Peers in the system are equal in terms of validation and voting power. Nodes are deployed through biometric processing with liveness detection to prove that there is only one human behind each node. This approach is called Proof-of-Personhood where instead of mining equipment or staked assets a human being's uniqueness becomes the stake itself.

We are looking for a senior dev with a solid experience in building or working with consensus mechanisms such as Snowflake, BFT, Casper etc, with a creative mind buzzling with ideas, a courageous heart that is ready for risks and challenges that might seem unbeatable and a hand that is steady to joing a team of professionals into building an absolute novelty, the Epoch-CRDT mechanism based on biometrically encrypted human nodes.

Epoch-CRDT is based on Merkle-CRDT which has never been implemented before in a public and permissionless way and we are the first one's doing it.

Humanode was founded by Paradigm, a research institute that has been deeply involved into crypto since 2013. Team consists of experts and PhD's from around the globe that have fully dedicated themselves to the idea of building a decentralized protocol based on private biometrically encrypted nodes that could potentially change the world as we know it.

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Decentralized private biometrically encrypted consensus mechanism and monetary system.