Created on 30 Mar 2021

App developer: Ionic and Laravel

Freelancer Part Time Remote
Middle Developer (over 3 years of working experience) Information Tech

Angular Ionic Laravel Heroku Linux MySQL

We are looking for a developer experienced developer to join our team. 

You have:

  • Experience with PHP and Laravel
  • Experience with TypeScript, Angular and Ionic
  • Experience with Ionic
  • Experience with MySQL
  • At least some basic knowledge of Linux and Apache

You'll work on:

  • Different projects, most of them mobil apps with Ionic and API/Backend with Laravel

How does your daily job look like?

  • You will be working with many other coders around the globe, communicating via Teams
  • You will be assigned different Tickets manged on Trello

Your salary will be based on your experience. 

Kokoen GmbH

Kokoen GmbH

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