What is Found.dev? Another job board?

It is much more than simply a job board. It is a platform for developers and the companies looking for them.

Companies can post jobs and manage applications via the found.dev dashboard.
Developers can create their own profile with a custom URL, search, and apply for jobs with a few clicks.

What are the advantages?

We are continually building new features. As of now, here are some of the advantages:

For developers:

  • Create a public profile with a custom URL that can be used as your online CV or website (ex. found.dev/me/john-doe).
  • Search for jobs and filter by skills, salary, contract type and many other factors.
  • Apply and manage applications with a few clicks.

For companies:

  • Easily publish developer jobs and get high visibility for them with a custom URL for every job that you share.
  • Optionally manage all applications directly on found.dev. Talk to developers and tell them the status of their applications.
  • Search for developers worldwide, filtering by skills and many other factors.

Some features we are working on:

  • Login and auto-fill your profile with Linkedin.
  • Save a job filter and get an email every time a new job is published.
  • Public REST API.
  • Export from applications.
  • Public REST API

How much does Found.dev cost?

For developers, it will always be 100% free of charge.

For companies, posting a single job is for free! Planning to publish many jobs? Contact us.

Can I import or publish many jobs at once?

If you need to import or publish many jobs at once, contact us and we will happily do it for you.

Why are there so few developers and jobs?

Found.dev is just starting. We launched on March 28, 2021. Right now, we are letting in only a few hand-picked developers and companies.